Friday, May 25, 2012

Lose Five Pounds Next Week!

Is your favorite dress feeling a little snug? Have you put on a few pounds you'd like to get rid of... quickly? Here are a few tips you can use to drop five pounds this week, starting today (as soon as you finish reading)!

Eat your veggies. You've heard it before, and you're hearing it again, but it's so important. Veggies will fill you up, without having the same caloric load that grains and meats carry. Veggies are your friend!

Lift some weights! Or books... or boxes... or anything, really. Anaerobic exercise, such as lifting weights (or other heavy items) will trigger anaerobic metabolism and will keep you burning calories long after you've stopped exercising, even if your exercise only took twenty minutes. Twenty minutes a day is a small price to pay for how amazing you'll feel when you lose those five pounds!

Eat your meals in smaller bites. It's an easy trick to help give yourself more time to eat. Our bodies don't usually realize that we're full for about twenty minutes after we've had a sufficient amount to eat, and during that time, we continue to eat. Eating smaller bites will help give your body a little more time to decide that it's full.

Snack! A few small snacks throughout the day--an apple here, some carrot sticks there, maybe some popcorn in the evening--will help keep your body from feeling hungry, and as a result it will help keep you from eating too much at meal time.

Walk the dog. Or at least get up and walk around the house, or the yard, or the block, once every hour. A job that leaves you relatively stationary can make weight loss a challenge, but those who find a few minutes every hour to be active find that their focus and performance at their job improves, and they are better able to shed the pounds... and keep them off.

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